Social Security

Our group advises governments on the review of social security and pension systems, as well as many large multinational companies on their worldwide benefit programmes. Members of Aon’s international team have advised in the past or are currently advising governments in: Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Oman, Greece, Turkey, Malta, Mexico, Hong Kong, China Liaoning Province, Ireland, Jersey, Guernsey, Great Britain.

We have undertaken projects for the Danish, UK, Russian and Bulgarian governments on related projects. We have also advised the European Commission on the different contractual forms of private retirement provision that apply in EU.

We are often involved with the pension related aspects of privatisations in many of the major world economies. Through our daily work, we are aware of the different benefit structures, legal and tax regimes that operate in different countries throughout the world and can consider which aspects of these different systems could be relevant to this project.

Some of the areas in which Aon staff are able to offer advice are:

  • projecting benefit expenditure and contribution income for both existing and proposed new structures
  • advising on parametric or structural reforms aiming to make them more sustainable in future
  • advising on the nature and level of benefits to be offered, and on the suitability of different contribution structures
  • advising on the integration of state arrangements with private arrangements
  • advising on the design and projecting the finances of healthcare schemes